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Perfecting Cold Outreach for Chatbot Marketing with Writerly

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Cold outreach can be the gateway to unlocking business opportunities, especially when you have a solution but may be lacking a network or marketing budget. With AI chatbots becoming more popular, let's look at how Writerly can help us launch an email campaign offering this service.

Step 1: Create High-performing Email Headlines

Your email's subject line is the first thing your recipient sees. A compelling headline can be the difference between an opened email and one that's ignored.

  • Using Writerly: Navigate to the "Cold Email Headline" template. Here, you'll find various input fields where you can provide context or a brief description of your service.

Prompt Engineering for Cold Email Headlines

Maximize Writerly's potential by understanding the reasoning behind your inputs:

  • Product / Company Name:
    "The product is a custom chatbot solution tailored to your business needs."
  • Rationale: A clear product definition ensures immediate comprehension. Highlighting customization signals a personalized solution, not a generic one.
  • Email Content Summary:
    "Introducing to a large payment processing company with extensive website content. The chatbot aids in customer support and more."
  • Rationale: Specifying the target, like a large payment company, sets tone and context. Emphasizing website content suggests a solution to managing customer queries.


“24/7 Automated Support - better than a human”

Step 2: Compose Engaging Cold Email Content

While crafting your email, remember to keep it succinct yet engaging. A short, personalized message can leave a lasting impression.

Using Writerly: Proceed to the "Email Assist" template. This section presents fields to input sender and recipient details, along with the subject of the email.

Prompt Engineering for Email Assist

Optimize your inputs for Writerly:

  • From: "Alex from Chatbot Solutions"
  • Rationale: Using a personal name along with the company provides a human touch, making the email feel less automated and more genuine.
  • To: "Sarah, Lead Developer at Stripe"
  • Rationale: Addressing the recipient by their name and designation can make the email feel personalized and increases the likelihood of it being opened.
  • Subject: "A Custom Chatbot Demo Tailored for Stripe?"
  • Rationale: Asking a question can pique curiosity. Additionally, by specifying "PaymentCorp" and "Custom Demo," the subject line communicates personalization and relevance.


Dear Sarah,

Hope you're well! I'm Alex from Chatbot Innovations. We specialize in tailored chatbots, and I believe we have something that could revolutionize Stripe's user interactions. How about a quick demo tailored for Stripe? Let me know your thoughts.

Warm regards,


Using Writerly can make cold outreach less daunting and more effective. As chatbots become a big part of business, it's important to reach out right. With the right tools and a clear message, you can open new doors for your business. Give it a try and see the difference.

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