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Optimizing Omni-Channel Marketing Campaigns with Writerly

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Slack, with the launch of its new AI-powered scheduling assistant, needs to ensure its message resonates across all channels. Here's how Slack can leverage Writerly to champion an omni-channel marketing campaign.

Step 1: Announcing on Social Media

The immediacy and wide reach of social media make it the go-to for product announcements.

Using Writerly: Navigate to the "Instagram Captions" template.

Prompt Engineering for Instagram Captions:

  • Describe: "Introducing Slack's AI-powered scheduling tool."

Keywords: "AI, Slack, Seamless Scheduling, Innovation"


"🚀 Say hello to smarter scheduling! Dive into #Slack's newest feature: an AI assistant designed to streamline your workday. Are you ready to embrace the future of collaboration? #SlackInnovates #AIforTeams"

Step 2: Engaging the Professional Audience on LinkedIn

LinkedIn, with its professional audience, is the perfect platform for a deeper dive into the benefits of Slack's new feature.

Using Writerly: Navigate to the "LinkedIn Post" template.

Prompt Engineering for LinkedIn Post:


Topic: "Redefining Team Collaboration with Slack's AI."

Keywords: "Slack, AI-Powered, Efficiency, FutureOfWork"


"Team collaboration is evolving, and Slack is leading the way. Our new AI-powered scheduling tool promises to transform how teams connect, ensuring optimal timings and increased productivity. How do you envision AI enhancing your daily workflow? Join the conversation! #SlackFuture #EfficiencyReimagined"

Step 3: Providing In-depth Insights through a Blog Post

A blog post offers the space to detail the workings and benefits of the new AI tool, ensuring users understand its full potential.

Using Writerly: Navigate to the "Blog Ideas & Outline" template:

Prompt Engineering for Blog Ideas & Outline:

Main idea: "The Science Behind Slack's New AI Scheduling Tool."


"Dive deep into the intricacies of Slack's AI-driven scheduling assistant. From understanding individual preferences to streamlining team coordination, discover how this innovative tool is set to revolutionize the workspace."

Step 4: Announcing Formally with a Press Release

When launching a groundbreaking feature, especially one as impactful as an AI-powered tool, it's crucial to have a formal announcement that media outlets, stakeholders, and even competitors will take notice of.

Using Writerly: Navigate to the "Press Release" template.

Prompt Engineering for Press Release:

Press Release Summary: "Slack, the leading collaboration platform, today announced the launch of its AI-powered scheduling assistant, set to revolutionize team coordination and streamline workplace communication."

Company or product name: "Slack"

Keyword: "AI-Powered Scheduling"


"Slack Unveils AI-Powered Scheduling Assistant: A Game-Changer in Team Collaboration

San Francisco, CA - In its continued commitment to enhancing user experience and driving workplace innovation, Slack introduces a groundbreaking feature. The new AI-driven tool promises not just to simplify scheduling but to redefine how teams collaborate in the digital age."


Omni-channel marketing is about coherence and resonance. With Writerly by their side, companies like Slack can craft messages that are not only consistent across platforms but also deeply impactful. Dive into the future of marketing with precision and flair, all thanks to Writerly.

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