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Crafting a Job Application Suite with Writerly

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Every element of your application matters in today's competitive job market - from the CV to the introductory email.

With Writerly, you have the tools to ensure every piece of content shines. 

Step 1: Begin with a Captivating Resume/CV Introduction

Your CV's introduction sets the stage for what's to come. Make it memorable.

Using Writerly: Navigate to the "Resume / CV Introduction" template.

Prompt Engineering for Resume/CV Introduction:

  • Name: "Jordan Poole."
  • Rationale: Your name is the primary identifier and should always be clear and upfront.
  • Education: "MBA in Digital Marketing from Stanford University."
  • Rationale: Mentioning a prestigious education can immediately give weight to your CV.
  • About: "A passionate marketer with a knack for organic growth strategies."
  • Rationale: A brief about section gives a snapshot of your personality and approach.

  • Experience: "5+ years in the digital marketing realm, having led campaigns for startups and Fortune 500 companies alike."
  • Rationale: Highlighting a mix of startup and big-company experience showcases versatility.
  • Keywords: "Organic Growth, ROI-driven Campaigns, Leadership, Strategy Optimization."
  • Rationale: Keywords help in making your CV searchable and stand out in specific areas of expertise.
  • Point of View: "I believe in blending creativity with data to create marketing campaigns that resonate and drive results."
  • Rationale: Your point of view gives a sneak peek into your professional philosophy and how you approach challenges.


"Jordan Poole, an MBA graduate from Stanford University, stands at the intersection of creativity and data-driven results in the world of digital marketing. With over five years of rich experience leading campaigns for both startups and established giants, I specialize in organic growth strategies that truly hit the mark. My philosophy? Marrying creativity with data to craft marketing narratives that not only engage but also deliver unparalleled ROI."

Step 2: Draft a Professional Bio for LinkedIn or Job Portals

Before connections even scroll down to your experience or endorsements, they'll read your bio. A well-crafted bio can pique interest and encourage deeper engagement with your profile.

Using Writerly: Navigate to the "Professional Bio" template.

Prompt Engineering for Professional Bio

  • Professional Background: "Digital marketing specialist with 10 years of experience, known for scaling startups from 0 to 1M users through organic strategies."
  • Rationale: Combining expertise, experience duration, and a significant achievement provides a comprehensive view of professional background.
  • Point of View: "Passionate about mentoring the next generation of marketers and believes in the power of organic growth strategies in the digital age."
  • Rationale: Sharing a personal passion and a professional belief offers a glimpse into both personal and professional perspectives.


"With a decade in digital marketing, I've consistently demonstrated the power of organic strategies, playing a pivotal role in skyrocketing startups from scratch to a remarkable 1M users. Beyond the campaigns and metrics, I'm deeply committed to guiding and mentoring the upcoming wave of marketing enthusiasts."

Step 3: Compose a Compelling Job Application Email

Your email can make or break the first impression. Make it count.

Using Writerly: Navigate to the "Email Assist" template.

Prompt Engineering for Email Assist

  • From: "Jordan Poole."
  • Rationale: Always use your full name for a professional touch.
  • To: "Hiring Manager at Stripe."
  • Rationale: Addressing the role if the name is unknown shows you've done your research.
  • Subject: "Application for Digital Marketing Manager Role."
  • Rationale: A clear subject line ensures your email gets attention.

Output: "Dear Hiring Manager at Stripe,

I'm reaching out to express my interest in the Digital Marketing Manager position. With over five years in the field, I've scaled startups and established brands alike through innovative organic strategies. I'm eager to bring this expertise to Stripe. Attached is my CV for your consideration.

Warm regards, Jordan Poole."

Harnessing the power of Writerly can elevate each component of your job application, ensuring you leave a memorable impression. Whether you're a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, Writerly is your partner in navigating the job market with confidence.

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