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In Writerly, the tone plays a significant role in shaping the voice and style of your content. By selecting a specific tone, you can customize your content to match your brand and audience preferences. Writerly offers a variety of pre-defined tones to choose from:

  • Informative: Presents content in a clear and informative manner, focusing on facts and details.
  • Casual: Creates a relaxed and conversational tone, ideal for engaging readers in a friendly manner.
  • Excited: Generates enthusiastic and energetic content, perfect for capturing readers' attention and inspiring action.
  • Formal: Adopts a professional and polished tone, suitable for business communications and official documents.
  • Angry: Employs a strong and assertive voice to convey dissatisfaction, frustration, or disagreement.
  • Smart: Crafts content that showcases intelligence and expertise, ideal for demonstrating thought leadership.
  • Witty: Produces clever and humorous content, designed to entertain and engage readers.
  • Neutral: Maintains a balanced and unbiased tone, presenting information without any strong emotional emphasis.
  • Urgent: Creates a sense of urgency and importance, motivating readers to take immediate action.

In addition to these pre-defined tones, Writerly also allows you to input a custom tone via a Persona. In the Persona creation screen (core Persona or Smart Brand Persona) enter a word or words that encapsulate your desired voice and style. When adding a custom tone, make sure to choose a word that clearly represents the tone or overall theme you want Writerly to adopt in generating the content. This will help the Writerly understand and generate content that aligns with your unique requirements.

Remember that selecting the right tone can greatly impact the overall effectiveness of your content, so take the time to choose a tone that best represents your brand and resonates with your target audience. To use this tone - just select the Persona it’s associated with.

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