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Follow these simple steps to use Writerly Templates:

  • Access the Templates: Click on the "Create" button on the left side of the Writerly platform. A new menu will pop up, showcasing categories of Templates.
  • Choose a Template: Select the template you want to use from the "Create" menu.
  • Fill in the input fields: Complete the specific input fields for the chosen template to generate your desired output.
  • Choose a Tone: Select a tone or write your own to match your content needs or select a Persona with a custom tone.
  • Choose a Persona (recommended): Select an appropriate Persona for your output.
  • Choose the number of outputs: Decide how many outputs you'd like to generate, especially if comparing different versions of the same content.
  • Click on "Create": Generate your creation by clicking the "Create" button. Preview your output and make any necessary edits before saving or exporting your work.
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