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How to Use Avalanche Mode

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Follow these steps to use Avalanche Mode effectively:

  • Click "Documents" from the create menu or push a creation you like into a document with the “push to document” button.
  • Once in Document mode, enable Avalanche Mode on the right hand side with the arrow. 
  • Select your first template from the categories
  • Enter Template Inputs
  • Choose your tone: Select a tone for your content, such as casual, professional, or informative.
  • Choose your Persona (optional): Customize content for a specific audience or brand by selecting a Persona from the dropdown menu.
  • Click "Create": Writerly's AI generates output based on the inputs and template.
  • Now you get to the powerful part
  • In the Avalanche Mode panel, leave the template you just used with the back button, and select a second template
  • Copy the outputs of the first template (which will be in the document body) and paste them into the input fields of your second template
  • Adjust settings and then click Create to leverage the exponential power of Avalanche Mode
  • Edit and format content: "Push it to Documents" for further editing and formatting using the rich text editor on the left side.
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