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June 8, 2023

Brands constantly struggle to create content using a strong and consistent voice that reflects who they are and what they do. Coming up with ways to maintain a streamlined voice across social media, blogs, websites, and online ads can cause one too many headaches. Yet the challenge is even greater for large companies who have several content creators and copywriters working within the same team. 

There are various platforms out there that serve as an AI writer and can help with the mass production of content for your brand. However, tools like ChatGPT were not specifically set up to learn and adopt your brand’s voice. Instead, they mimic their own individual sound. 

Companies have been clamoring for that one tool to create content using their brand’s unique voice and reduce their team’s workload. Writerly’s Smart Brand Personas tool is our solution to this persistent problem. 

What Are Smart Brand Personas? 

Smart Brand Personas are custom-trained AI models for you, as a user, to quickly create within the Writerly platform. Using your brand’s data, these models adopt a consistent brand voice across all content that is created in Writerly. 

Setting up Smart Brand Personas can be done with just a few clicks and by uploading existing content from your brand. You can create your Persona and then apply it to each of the assets created within Writerly. This may include Instagram captions, product descriptions, blogs and much more! 

The uniformity generated by Smart Brand Personas will ensure that your brand has a consistent voice across as many channels as you desire. 

Setting Up Smart Brand Personas

Now that you have an idea of what Smart Brand Personas are, you may be wondering how complicated the setting up process is. Actually, the process is very straightforward! Being a Writerly user, you can effectively fine-tune your own custom AI model by dragging and dropping PDF files and tagging them using an easy-to-use drop-down menu. 

How exactly can Smart Brand Personas adopt your brand’s voice? In order for the system to have a full understanding of this, upload as many documents as you can, like advertisements, guidelines, and presentations. Once this is done, you can choose the tone of voice you would like your Persona to express. Whether it be informative, causal, smart, excited, intense, or something else, you have the power to create it. 

Additionally, you can select if you would like for your output to be generic, standard, or unique. Adding any branded keywords or even words that are not allowed and determining how long you want their outputs to be is also simple. Then, use your custom model to generate content using your brand’s voice according to your brand guidelines. 

The Advantages of Using a Brand Voice for Your AI Generated Content 

There are several articles online outlining the benefits of using brand personas for your AI content, but let’s look at a couple of reasons why Smart Brand Personas is the right tool to use. 

First, Smart Brand Personas provides a consistent experience for your customers. Regardless of whether they are looking at your brand’s social media pages, reading a blog, or viewing an ad, all of this content has a consistent voice. 

Second, utilizing Smart Brand Personas offers a fast turnaround time for content creation. Since it does all the work for you, this decreases the workload for your employees, allowing you to focus more on generating sales. At the same time, your brand’s SEO score is being boosted and your audience is growing.  

Next, you will have brand consistency. In addition to your customers having a consistent experience across all platforms, your viewers and followers are also seeing regular content from your brand. This is a savvy way to attract new customers. And to top it all off, as we illustrated above, Smart Brand Personas are easy to use!

The Benefits of Personalizing Your Content Beyond ChatGPT

The benefits of using consistent brand personas when creating AI content has been proven to make a significant impact on a brand’s success. ChatGPT is one tool that can tailor content, but Writerly’s Smart Brand Personas leverage those capabilities and go beyond that. 

Smart Brand Personas can make content SEO optimized using AI and it gives your brand the strong and consistent voice that it needs to be influential. All you have to do is create your Personas and sit back and watch the magic happen. 

Click here to book your demo and learn how Smart Brand Personas can accelerate your business today! 

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