Exciting New EKOM Features & Growing Our Team: June 2023

July 11, 2023

We hope that June has been a happy and productive month for our phenomenal users, as it certainly has been for us at Writerly. 

This month, we saw our highest growth to date and onboarded more than 100k new users. We are proud to see this number continue to grow by the day. 

Our team wants to bring you up to speed on what else is new with Writerly. 

EKOM’s Exciting New Dashboard Features

On May 31st, we officially launched our brand-new tool EKOM. This is one of the most advanced AI SEO tools that can be used by ecommerce companies to bulk-generate relevant meta-tags, product descriptions, keywords, and more. 

Recently, we unrolled new dashboard features for EKOM. Now, you have the capability of viewing various key analytics, such as traffic, visit duration, keyword performance, bounce rate, and potential upside, in one convenient place. 

And, if you want to section the analytics based on the brand or website, our new feature gives you that option.  

Wait, there’s more. 

EKOM also has a new Semrush integration that offers you some stellar keyword suggestions while utilizing the platform. 

To learn more about these electrifying new features within EKOM and how it can accelerate your business, click here to book a demo

Welcome Quinn Brandt to the Team

We are thrilled to welcome Quinn Brandt as our new Chief Revenue Officer. Quinn is joining Writerly with 7 years of business and marketing experience, primarily in medical technology. He has a robust passion for growing innovative brands through unique customer-focused messaging. Away from work, Quinn enjoys cooking, exploring the national parks, and painting with his wife, Danielle. He works and resides outside of Knoxville, Tennessee.

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