Catching Up With Writerly: May 2023

June 9, 2023

There is so much exciting news to bring to you, and we are thrilled to share all of this in our first monthly newsletter! 

Since our commercial launch on April 13th, Writerly has already welcomed an astounding 300k users, and we know we are just getting started! Let’s take a look at what else is new. 

Smart Brand Personas 

In addition to launching Writerly on April 13th, we also introduced Smart Brand Personas. We know how challenging it is for brands to produce content using a consistent voice, and that’s why we created custom-trained AI models to do this for you. 

Smart Brand Personas are easy to operate, and they go beyond the capabilities of ChatGPT. We give you the option to choose a color to represent your Persona, set the tone of voice that you want your content to have, select how unique you want your outputs to be, and much more! 

Why spend countless hours worrying about giving your customers a consistent experience when Smart Brand Personas can do the work for you? 

Writerly Go

Writerly Go, our Google Chrome extension of our main Writerly platform, enables users to utilize all of our templates right in their workspace. Say, for example, that you are composing new emails. To easily generate some fresh new ideas for your emails, simply use our Cold Email Headlines template and let Writerly Go do the work for you. 

Since brands are always looking to come up with new ideas for social media posts and captions, we created Writerly Go to help you discover creative ideas. With this new extension, you can easily implement Writerly into your workflow so you no longer have to go back and forth between various platforms!

Click here to get a good visual look at Writerly Go. 


To cap off our productive spring, we officially launched EKOM on May 31st! Coming up with fresh ideas for product descriptions, meta-tags, and keywords takes so much time and can end up costing your company a lot of money. If you add keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of ecommerce SEO to the equation, you have a time-consuming and expensive task at hand.

Our solution is EKOM, an integrated and automated SEO tool designed to make your products stand out. By simply connecting your CMS or uploading a CSV file, EKOM generates search-optimized assets for as many products as you need and as often as you desire. 

With EKOM, you can bulk-generate anything from meta-tags to product descriptions and more. All of your products’ information can be accessed through your dashboard, making it easy to push your newly-optimized assets back to your CMS. 

Having EKOM do all of the heavy-lifting for you will save your company time and money. 

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