AI Opportunities for Marketers

June 15, 2023

The growing emergence and evolution of AI is constantly making headlines. AI is undeniably impacting the workforce and simplifying jobs, and one industry that is already seeing tremendous benefits from AI usage is marketing. Statistics are showing that by 2024, the market for AI in this industry will exceed $35 billion. By the end of the decade, experts are predicting that number will have reached an astounding $108 billion. 

Established CRM platforms like Hubspot and Zapier are notable, but these only scratch the surface of available AI tools to help your marketing team streamline the process. In this article, we are going to explore some of the opportunities that AI presents to marketers and the specific ways that Writerly can help your brand’s marketing initiatives. 

Enhancing Customer Insights and Marketing Segmentation

Marketers have long been tasked with having to process large volumes of data and then meticulously study that data to develop an understanding of their customers’ preferences and behaviors. This helps them to understand which of their products and/or services will be most popular with a specific audience. Then, through marketing initiatives, they work to reach that target audience. 

With AI, marketers no longer need to spend countless hours gathering these customer insights and segmenting the market. Not only can AI analyze more data at a faster pace than humans, but it can do so more accurately while identifying specific patterns and trends on customer behavior.

Once marketers have a deep understanding of their market segments, they can shift their focus to creating strong content to reach their desired audience. There is no longer a need to worry about creating content for every target group using one uniform brand voice, as we have created Smart Brand Personas as the perfect tool to help members of your marketing team do just that. 

Optimizing Content Strategy 

Once marketers have created content and begun to execute their marketing plan, the next step is to analyze how the content has performed with their target audiences and implement  data-driven changes to their strategy.

Instead of having a member of your team first study the data and then optimize the content, use AI to do the data analysis for them and then tailor your content based upon the findings. Not only are there a variety of tools available to create content, but throughout the process, AI can even predict content trends. 

Are you looking for a tool to help your marketing team generate effective content? Writerly can help. 

Whether it be product and job descriptions or press releases and ad copy, we offer a variety of templates to help your team create solid content. And if you would like to create your own template to reflect your brand, we also offer that option. With AI, there are boundless opportunities to optimize your content strategy. 

Streamlining Marketing Automation

Once you decide to take advantage of AI-powered marketing automation, you will see a more efficient marketing process. Not only will your marketing team have more time to focus on other important aspects of their jobs, but you will also see improved lead nurturing and a higher customer retention rate. 

Several AI tools, such as Optimove and Seventh Sense, are available to make it easier to drive growth through planning, executing, and analyzing CRM marketing campaigns. There are also AI platforms that can assist your marketing team in identifying strong keywords. For example, Writerly has a keyword suggestion tool that will help you incorporate these keywords into social media posts and other relevant content. 

In addition to these superb AI marketing tools, with Writerly and its unique capabilities incorporated into your marketing automation efforts, the whole process will be even more targeted and efficient. Using AI to streamline marketing automation will lead to your brand making stronger connections with customers and ultimately generating more sales. 

The Benefits of Marketers Using AI

With the advancements in AI, marketers have so many options at their fingertips to help them initiate a more efficient and effective marketing strategy. 

Using AI, your marketing team can gain enhanced customer insight and segment the market based on consumer preferences. All of this can be done without members of your team spending countless hours studying the data because AI does all the heavy lifting for you. Then, your marketing team can easily align your campaigns with the proper audiences in mind. 

Next, AI can be used to create an optimized content strategy based on your customer segmentation. By using a tool like Writerly, you can generate personalized content with current trends incorporated. Finally, AI-powered tools help streamline your entire marketing strategy through enhancing efficiency, improving lead nurturing, and increasing your customer retention rate. 

Your marketing team plays a critical role in the overall success of your brand, and by taking advantage of the opportunities that AI presents, you will be alleviating your marketers of tedious tasks while staying ahead of competitors. 

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